Holistic, Home-Grown Fiber

From Certified Angora Goats


Home-Grown Fiber

Providing holistic and sustainable mohair fiber
for the artist and crafting community.

Tolenas Mohair Farm is happy to offer the finest Angora goat hair, using a high standard of cleaning, while maintaining the structure of the hair fiber.


Conversely, should you desire fiber that is raw,  "in the grease", and still contains the precious yoke then Tolenas Mohair Farm provides that as well.

What We Offer

As a group of geese would be called a "gaggle", a group of goats is known as a "tribe".  Come and get to know the individual personalities behind those curly chops.

Meet the Tribe


Nancy Fleenor Thompson is the owner of Tolenas Mohair Farm and the caretaker of these special goats. She proudly represents an integral part of the Fibershed community as a provider of organic and ethically grown Mohair fiber.

"I specifically order mohair from Nancy. Her fiber is perfect for my craft. I love knowing that the material is chemical-free

from the start."

— Jess, Napa, CA

"Nancy's love of her animals and the land she raises them on reflects in the quality of her product. The mohair is top notch."

— June B., Suisun City, CA

"The Fibershed Marketplace brings the farmers and artisans of our region together to provide you with raw fibers and finished goods that represent the fusion and artistry of the community."


Tolenas Mohair Farm

Fairfield, California


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